Early Reassurance

Reassurance scans from 6 weeks to 11 weeks

Purpose of scan – 30minutes appointment to confirm your pregnancy, check the pregnancy is located within the uterus (not ectopic), identify baby’s heartbeat and movements, gestation measurements and give an estimated due date.

This scan is generally performed with a full bladder but occasionally it may be necessary to perform an internal scan to give a clearer view. This will be discussed at time of scan and will only be performed with your consent.

Scan includes – 2d thermal prints and full report of the scan.

Reassurance scans from 12 weeks to 20 weeks

Purpose of scan – as above. Also includes 4D preview.


Reassurance/Growth scan from 24 week to term

Purpose of scan – 30 minutes appointment to assess babys well-being,  growth and  to give an estimated weight at time of the scan.

Confirm heartbeat and movements.

Confirmation of gender if required. Confirm position of the placenta.

Includes 4D preview if baby is in favourable position.

Scan includes – 2d and 3d thermal prints and full report of the scan.

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