Growth +4D

4D Bonding/Growth Scan

Purpose of the scan –   to provide enhanced views of the babys features using 4D imaging. Assessment of babys growth and estimate weight at time of the scan. Check heart beat and movements. Confirmation of gender if required.

Scan includes – 40minute appointment. 2D and 3D thermal pictures and report of the scan.       DVD recording of the scan with 4D imaging.

The length of the DVD recording time is determined by babys position on the day and our compliance with Ultrasound safety standards. We use the minimum ultrasound scanning exposure time a system setting to full-fill the primary purpose of the scan and endeavour to provide a satisfactory length of recording for you.

If babys position is not favourable we will ask you to go for short walk or it may be necessary to re-book if gestational age allows.



Reassurance scans    =    £55.00 

Gender  scans   15 mins   =  £35.00         Extended Gender   =  £55.00

4D Bonding/Growth    =  £95.00


Scan preparation –  due to baby’s position with the pelvis a full bladder is required for scans from    6 week to 20 week.

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